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This blog was launched on 16 June 2015

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Android Helping was previously known as tricks for tips and it's previous home address was tricksfortips.blogspot.com
Android Helping is a blog to get information's about how to keep android mobile healthy. We deal all topics related to android like android how to questions, android help tutorials, android apps and game reviews and about new advancements in the the world of android.

The person who came up with an idea to make this blog is Ashfaq Ahmad let us read about him

Nice to see that you want to know about me. My name is Ashfaq Malghani. I am blogging for over three years and Alahamdulillah i have earned my living from it. I started blogging as passion and then it become my profession. First of all i wrote a lot of articles on different sites about blogging. About two months ago i bought an android phone. I do not know much about how to use it. Therefore i always use Google to know about every thing. In very little time i became expert in android. Now i am helping others people to be expert. I got success in my life because i believe that "if you want to get something in your life that just do not loose hope and try for it" and "try, try,, till you succeed".

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Thanks and regards,
Ashfaq Ahmad Malghani.
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