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Duplicate Photos Fixer Review: Best Duplicate Photo Detector and Cleaner

Duplicate Photos Fixer Review: Best Duplicate Photo Detector and Cleaner
Photos are invariable and so are its duplicate copies. When getting snaps clicked, you tend get duplicate or similar looking photos as well. They not only hog space but also create fuss in the minds of users.
When talked about photo duplicity, it’s any image with same technical specification such as size, name, pixels, file format, etc. In addition to duplicate photos, there are also similar looking or identical photos. They are the ones with identical objects in the frame, however, their specification may slightly differ. For instance, you click multiple photos at the same location with same objects in the frame but with different angles. Typically, in such images are clicked to get the best shot. Nevertheless, you happen to have multiple similar files taking up unwanted memory space. Having said that, all such images are nothing less than litter on your phone memory which hogs space and scramble it up.
So what’s the hack to get rid of duplicate photos?
While finding and removing such images by yourselves seems dreary task, there are some reliable duplicate photos detector apps that can perform this task in no time. One such top selling apps is Duplicate Photos Fixer. It’s a handy app with smooth functionality to detect and delete duplicate and similar looking photos effortlessly.
Quickly delete replica images with Duplicate Photos Fixer
Duplicate Photos Fixer scans through your phone to find duplicate and identical photos. Once the app scans your phone via preferred scanning, these duplicates are placed in different groups for clear preview. After you have preview, you can auto-mark and delete these photos. So basically you have to run three simple steps to chuck out duplicity from your device.
Wait! Is the everything that Duplicate Photos Fixer has to offer you? Not Really!
So what’s more? Duplicate Photos Fixer is equipped with some more handful features that makes the user experience unerring and amazing.
Handy features of Duplicate Photos Fixer
  • Scanning Options:

Upon launching the apps, you are given three alternatives to scan your device with. These are names as Camera Images, Full Scan and Select Folder. As their names suggest, you’d be scanning your Android phone over these folders. However, with Full Scan, the app detects duplicates all through your smartphone, including the hidden folders. Depending upon the need, users can select any of these scanning option and remove duplicate images from their phones.

  • Custom Search: Other than scanning with the scan options available, you can also customize scanning with Settings available in the app. You can set matching criteria for spotting duplicates. Simply tap on Low, Default or High level within the Settings of the app.

  • Clear Cache: Duplicate Photos Fixer not only deletes duplicate photos but also removes its strains left on the device, after its use. You can clear cache created by the app, after every use. This will further clear up some memory space on your device. For this, tap on the three doted stack where you’d find ‘Clear Cache’ option. Tap on it and get away with the unwanted clutter from your device.

  • Auto-Mark: Once your duplicate photos are detected, you can auto-mark them and proceed to delete them in a tap. The app offers two options for auto-mark: Mark and Unmark. Upon selecting Mark option, the app selects the images that are of inferior quality. Having said that, we highly recommend users to preview all selected photos before removing them.   

  • Languages:

Duplicate Photos Fixer is available in 14 different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, and many more. This ensure that the app is accessible by users world-wide.
This was about Duplicate Photos Fixer. Photos take up much memory on your smartphone. Amongst that, duplicate images hog unnecessary space on your phone memory. Duplicate Photos Fixer is a free app. You can rely on this app to get rid of clutter on your device, that cling without acknowledging you. Get the app and recover chunks of storage space in a jiffy.

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