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Systweak Android Cleaner Review | Best Speed Booster App

Systweak Android Cleaner ReviewAndroid cleaner apps are useful tools to clean your device instantly. These tools come with numerous features to help you speed up your device performance. In fact, these tools are coming with complete Android performance booster package to help you deal with various Android related problems. One such tool is Systweak Android Cleaner which offers extensive features to users to improve their device performance. Let’s discuss some of its unique features here.
Home Page: Home page displays all the features of the app. It includes phone boost option which instantly releases RAM of your device to perform necessary tasks efficiently. You can use this option by clicking “RAM Used” button. It also displays other features like Storage used on your device and battery remaining percentage.

1-Tap Optimizer: This widget helps you clean your device RAM instantly without opening the app.
Junk Files: Junk files folder includes all the junk files accumulated on your device over time. It segregates junk files in various folders like external application cache, temporary files, APK files, unused folders. It also displays 10 largest files on your device so that you can manage your storage space well. You can click on any file head to manage that folder.  
Duplicate Files: This new feature helps you find duplicate files on your device in various heads like music, videos, photos, documents. It also displays all the duplicate files under “All” tab. Scanning of files may take time according to the number of files it needs to scan. Here you can delete these duplicate files or can take backup of files on Cloud servers.
Results are displayed in an auto-mark format where the last file is marked to be deleted. You can change this by clicking on the option which marks first files in the group. You can even click on “Unmark All” option to manually select the files to be deleted. It also provides an option to select the files which exist at the shortest path of your device storage. This way you can remove duplicate files which exist at the longer path of the device storage.
Hibernate: Adding apps to hibernate mode will stop them running in the device background and consuming device resources. You can put the system apps or user apps or both to hibernate mode. Using hibernate mode on your device will keep your selected app data into hibernate mode until you don’t retrieve it back. It is an effective way to recover some device resources by putting unnecessary apps in hibernate mode.
File Explorer: This feature includes all your files and folders on your device and displays it in a list view. It also displays the space occupied by the app to help you manage your apps in a better way. You can take backup of files or select “Delete Now” button to instantly remove them.
App Manager: It displays all the apps on your device and space occupied by them in list preview. You can select “Archive” option to archive these app’s installation file in archive folder (to retrieve it in future) or you can simply uninstall them.  
App Manager
Game SpeedUp: This unique feature helps you improve the speed of your device while playing your favorite game or running any specific app. Once you add any game or app to its list, it will offer you “Tap to boost” your device speed by clearing RAM instantly. It will stop apps and programs running in the background to recover some RAM storage.
Game Speed Up
Game Booster

Battery Saver: It battery saver feature displays all the information related to device battery. It also displays all the functions on your device which are causing battery drain. You can press on TURN BATTERY SAVER ON option to instantly stop all the battery draining functions on your device.
Batery Saver

Cloud Backup: Using this function you can take backup of your files on Cloud servers.
Notifications: You can turn On/Off your app notifications using this function.
Auto-Cleaning: You can set time to perform auto-cleaning of your device at regular intervals.
Ignore List: You can add app/apps to Ignore list to avoid them from the scanning process.
Language: You can select the language of your choice to perform tasks on this app.
Themes: You can select the theme of your choice from many beautiful theme options.
This effective app offers you a complete package for your Android device. It not only works as an Effective Android cleaner but it also offers additional features like battery saver, cloud backup features, duplicate file remover and lot more. This app offers you impressive features and services to boost up your device performance. Strongly Recommended!

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