Convert your inorganic traffic into Organic Traffic

Convert your inorganic traffic into Organic Traffic
Today i came up with a unique post on internet to convert your inorganic traffic into organic traffic. I clear that we will not use any type of organic traffic software or any script just we are trolling Google with simple trick and it is also completely safe trick. This tip is guaranteed to increase your SEO too.
The reason for writing this post is that i have recently received a lot of emails of people seeking help to regain access in their AdSense accounts. May be some of your friends also got their account banned. Do you have thought why is this happening so? Let me tell, Google AdSense pays to it's advertisers while it gets money from Google AdWords. In other words Google AdWords are displaying on Google search engine and AdSense sites. So Google will respect this traffic. Traffic other than this may result in banning of your AdSense account. But if you are getting a lot of inorganic traffic then now you can convert this into organic traffic. Let us do it to convert website inorganic traffic into organic traffic

You may have heard about Google URL shortener. Yes we are going to use it.
First if all go to
I prefer you to sign in to your Google account if you have one
Now copy a URL which you are going to promote on Facebook or other inorganic traffic sources
Yes paste this URL in the shortener and get a short URL
Visit this link to check either it is working or not
Now use your resultant shortened URL in social medias and other inorganic traffic sources.

Also Check


By doing this we have converted our inorganic traffic into organic traffic. We all know that there are other many URL shorteners but this is preferred so please use it. Although the traffic from link shorteners is not much good but is better than inorganic traffic.
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  1. Did you know you can create short urls with BCVC and make cash for every click on your shortened links.


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