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Top two Free Worldwide Calling Apps for Android

The previous article was about VPN and proxy browser named Psiphon for Android but today there is something new and different for you. As you know that calling anyone costs money and calling out of a country costs more money. So there is good news for you that i am introducing some apps that will help you to call worldwide for free. Some of these apps give free trial but some of these apps gives you credit. Do not worry this credit can also be earned for free by clicking advertisements or completing offers. In other words these apps are totally free to use. Let us read in detail about them...
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1. Dingtone App Review - Call, Text worldwide free.

The official app by has more than ten million downloads on Google play and has rating of 4.2/5.This app is a dominant in its competitor. First of all let us talk about it's features and properties

  • Call quality is very very high
  • No one has yet reported calling issue with this app
  • You can call anyone in the world for free using credits
  • You can earn credits by completing offers
  • You will get a 15.0 credit on sign up
  • You can text using credits
  • You can use your phone as walkie talkie (New Feature)
  • You can record your calls
  • You can make conference calls
  • You can purchase a USA number for just 60 credits. Even you can get 10 credits by just completing one offer.
  • You can also get UK and Canada's numbers.

You know that each app can not be perfect so here are some minor bad things in this app

  • Credit charging per minute is a bit high than its alternatives
  • Its charging rates are 3.5 credits/min
  • And 1.5 credits per sms
  • It take too long to receive credits even after completing the offer.

That was all about this app. We will give it four stars out of five. If you want to download this app than use below Google play link

2. Nanu free worldwide calling app review

Nanu app has more than one million downloads on Google play and has rating of 3.9 out of five.
Nanu is just similar app like dingtone. Its credits/minutes rates are also more cheaper than Dingtone and it also provide high quality call even on slow networks but it has not much features like dingtone of texting making conference call etc and that is the reason this app is on second number.
When we talk about call quality than surely nanu app is best than dingtone because they provide good quality call even on 2g networks. In terms of credits you can easily earn or purchase credits from nanu app. You will also get credits by inviting your friends to nanu all by your special link.

We are giving it 3.5 stars out of 5 and we are sure that if the developers of this app add features to nanu of texting etc than it will beat dingtone. If you want to download this so than use below Google play link

In my last words both of these apps are best but first give a try to dingtone app and if you Do not find it best than give a try to nanu app. Now choice is your we have explained all about Top two Free Worldwide Calling Apps for Android

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