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Psiphon - Top VPN/Proxy app for Android - Surf Anonymously and Fast

If you are sensitive to your private data than you may want to hide you internet protocol (IP). It is very difficult to make or write VPN (virtual private network) manually. There are dozens of apps that will do this work for you. But the main problem is some third class apps do not provide high quality VPN. The use bad VPN service that lowers the speed of your internet connection. So there i am going to tell you, 

What is Psiphon?
How Psiphon work? and How to use Psiphon?

Let us start without wasting time.

What is Psiphon Android App?

Psiphon is a VPN app combined with a built-in browser. It will not only help you to surf internet anonymously but will also increase the speed of your connection. This is working app being used by more than 10 Million users. This so not only help you to died through browser only but can also torn your whole device to use VPN. If you want more introduction or want to download this then go here on Google play.

How Psiphon works?

When you open Psiphon, it establish a connection between you and it's server. It try to connect to best available server. After that when you enter anything in the website address bar of its browser it starts sending and receiving data between website. The main change there is this app not uses your mobile Internet configuration proxy whether it uses its own proxy that is why these apps are also known as proxy apps.
So, Psiphon is also a way to solve slow speed problem of your internet connection as well as a way to access blocked sites of your country.

How to use Psiphon?

In order to use Psiphon you have to first decide (A) whether you only want to use proxy in browser mode only or (b) whether you want to turn your whole device to use VPN. If you use A method than only your psiphon browser will use VPN but in choosing B method your while device will use VPN. I will tell both of these methods separately below:
(A) If you want to use proxy in browse more only than simply
1. Open Psiphon and click on start button as shown below

2. After this Psiphon will start its service. Now click on Open browser. See below image for help.

Now you can enjoy Psiphon - Top VPN/Proxy app for Android - Surf Anonymously and Fast.
(B) After following first step from above method now toogle the options tab and here check the option of " [√] Tunnel whole device"

You will see a confirmation pop up click OK.

Now your whole device will start using VPN connection you can confirm this by a key icon in your notification bar.

Our review for Psiphon - Top VPN/Proxy app for Android - Surf Anonymously and Fast.
According to the opinion of you can not find a better proxy app than Psiphon. To download this so use above Google play link. Enjoy surfing speedy internet and share your reviews with us.


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