[How to] Remove ad virus from your browser?

Ads are the most annoying thing everyone faces while he is surfing internet, And especially popup ads. And if you got an ad virus in your mobile than you will be redirected to ad link even if you are visiting an ad-free website. If you faces such condition than you have really stuck with ad-virus. The method to remove ad-virus is very easily. Although there are some apps for advertisement removing but either they only block new ads to show or if they can remove ad-virus then that want root access. But today we are going to tell you to Remove ad virus from your browser without rooting your android and without any app. So this is going to be little bit tricky but it is very simple let us go for [How to] Remove ad virus from your browser?
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Method to remove advertisement virus from android

Before going for process let me allow to tell you that in this process we are going to convert your android browser in to factory version. So you may loose your

  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Cache
  • Visited or starred websites
  • Auto fill data
And everything you have stored in your browser even sites login
Surely anyone will agree with above statements because advertisements are unbearable. If you are agree with above statements then continue reading
Note: There are images with each step, use them for more help.

  • First of all click on settings and than navigate to apps option

  • Now toggle to all apps option and Here search for app name browser and open it (You can use this method over system as well as custom downloaded browsers)

  • You see many options here just click on "CLEAR DATA" 
Just wait and see the magic that you have automatically cleared the ad-virus from your android browser. To check if this process is done quickly than see that the vale written next to data has become zero. The main reason behind this is that the ad-virus save it in the files of your browser so that every time you open your browser and it will start serving ads.
Now by deleting all the data of browser we have also deleted ad-virus.

Some Last words for [How to] Remove ad virus from your browser?

According to our opinion this was the best way to solve this common problem. If you have any techniques regarding [How to] Remove ad virus from your browser? then please share them with us and get a chance to be your name on www.AndroidHelping.com
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