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[How to] Make your Mobile Super Fast

make android super fast
3 Ways to speed up your phone

Slow mobile issue is the mother disease of android mobile that can make your mobile uglier, unable to load apps and even late responsive. Today i am going to tell you the best tips to make your smartphone super fast. We just not only describe junk cleaning but we will guide you the whole steps to remove unwanted and unnecessary files easily and RAM cleaning and much more. Out today's discussion consist of below topics

  1. Transferring apps to SD card
  2. Cleaning junk
  3. Using for analysis to remove unwanted files

1. Transfer Apps from internal storage to SD card

Whether your mobile has a lot of internal hard drive or not you always need an SD card. It is because SD card serve as a portable hard drive. If you are facing low mobile speed than you need to transfer whole of your transferable apps from internal storage to SD card. It is because all time or internal storage is being used by our mobile system so if you free up burden on your system than it will work better. It is recommended to move apps either there is a lot of space in your internal storage or not.
If you have app manager installed on your mobile than simply open it and transfer files but if it is not available then use below method.

  1. First of all go in to settings
  2. Now click on Apps
  3. Now click on individual app
  4. Here you will see the details of app. There is also a button of move to SD card. Click on it and you are done. (Not this Button is not tap able for System Apps. If you want to transfer them then you need a rooted phone and this is risky process too.)
  5. Now transfer each app to SD card using above steps.

2. Use simple and easy junk cleaner

Today a lot of people are using junk cleaners. Some of them are very complex that can even delete your required data and some are very poor. So you need a moderate cleaner for your mobile. And the recommended cleaner by us is CCleaner.
CCleaner is a simple,free and easy to use cleaner free of advertising. It can delete the files that are not for use like cache, browser history, advertising cache. It has also options to clean files in deeper like call logs, download files, APK files, WhatsApp sent data, Bluetooth folder files and even empty folders but nothing without your permission. This app also do not install any other sponsored apps because it is official app of Priform. And is also a well-known software for windows.
If you are thinking that why we have not recommended Clean Master and other well-known Apps it is because these apps are very heavy and have unnecessary built-in apps like screen locker and charging booster and much more apps that are of no use.
You can download CCleaner from below Google Play link
Download link for CCleaner

3. Use ES File Explorer

Yes ES file explorer ! It is very light app with very great functions. If you install this app you will surely forget your default file manager. ES file explorer is a file doctor that will help you to analyse each and every file on your system. After analysis it will show you the results separately of large files, recently created files, and a very good results from which you can easily removed unwanted files. It has also features of recycle bin, connecting through WLAN, sending files using hotspot creating etc.
Use below Google Play link to download ES file explorer for free
Download link for ES file Explorer

Note : You can also purchase pro version if you wish from Google Play.

For Future

Here are some tips you should follow to prevent your phone freezing in future

  • Change your default download file location to SD card
  • Remove unused apps
  • Read this post to remove your android mobile browser virus
  • Exit the apps properly after using them.

After following above steps you will see a prominent change in your mobile speed. Let me know in comments what results you have got !

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