How To Make Penguin Panda Safe Backlinks?

Backlinks are easy to made before the update of Google but now they are considered most difficult work. As we know that backlinks depend quality rather than quantity after the update of Google. Backlinks are not just to increase traffic through them they have great impact on Google PR and Alexa rank. So, in this post i will teach you the possible and easy ways to make quality backlinks that are penguin panda safe. Today i will teach you to make backlinks from
Forum Posting
Blog commenting
]Juicy Backlinks from Yahoo! answers

Blog Commenting

Before proceeding i will tell you not to make backlinks from a single site or do not try to make irrelevant backlinks using comments because these are called low quality backlinks.
Google Penguin Updated has penalized thousands of websites with low quality backlinks. Newbie blogger try this method before update but they are now in worry do we use this method or not. This is legitimate and there is not any chance to get penalized if you make these backlinks from a High PageRank site. Try to search these website. These website must be related to your blog topic. Now write related but unique content on your blog. This content must be helpful. Now search articles on their website with high views and in comments check those comments who have any problem. Write the correct answer in reply and in regards write your website name, this is affective.
In early days of my blogging on this blog i got 60% of my daily visitors from single blog i.e Being Geeks due to a single quality comment containing backlink.

Forums Posting

 If you use only first method then it is fruitful but if we talking about to drive visitors through SEO then just first method will not work.
Forums Posting consider as the best method to generate backlinks and are still consider as safe. And i think it is easy than Guest posting. There are some things you should keep in mind while building backlinks through forums.
  • Signature are the best away to build backlinks.
  • Try to solve problems of others this will encourage people to click on links of yours.
  • Forums must be Dofollow (example: )
  • Forum must be related to your blog niche.
Each step I told has been explained below:
Signatures are nearly allowed on every forum and every forum have moderators. If you post on such forum that do not allow its users to post their website link than moderator may delete your post. So if you use signatures than moderators will not delete them.

If you post links and no one click on them than they are useless. So you need to Encourage People to click on your links.

If you post a link on forum that is no follow than it may help you to increase website traffic but they will not increase your rank. Try to find Dofollow forums and use them.

The forum on you are active must be related to your blog niche otherwise backlinks may consider as spam.
This is all about of How To Make Penguin Panda Safe Backlinks through Forum Posting?

Juicy backlinks from Yahoo! Answer 

Yahoo! answers provide a lot of backlinks easily. Just you need a Yahoo! account to log in and then feel free to add your backlinks. No limitations and 100% safe & secure. 
Simply choose category from right sidebar this category must be related to your blog niche. Now give answers to questions asked their and put a link back to your website.  Keep in mind that the link is helpful for visitors so that they will click on it.

At The End

Nothing good or permanently can be obtained by doing black tricks. If you want to get success than hard work and success will be yours. I have tried my best methods that i know if you have any more experience related this than please let us know in comments. Hoping for the best. Keep visiting,

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