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Best Apps to Download Films/Movies using Android

Are you having a borring Sunday šŸ˜ž ? Want to enjoy films but do not know how to download movies/films using android phones. Then this post is for you.
As you know that it is very slow and time consuming to download films on android with built-in browser and built-in download manager. So there we are going to read about some Best Apps to Download Films/Movies using Android. These apps not only increase the speed of your downloading but will also help you to find films or movies easily and in good quality. Here are there names and below are there descriptions

  • ĀµTorrent
  • Vidmate
  • TubeMate

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Micro torrent commonly known as utorrent is a well-known software available for Mac, Windows and Linux. But now it is also available for android phones. This app is in top of Best Apps to Download Films/Movies using Android. To download movies by using this app first you need the torrent file of that movie. Torrent file contain all the details about the movie you want to download. One of the popular due from where you can download torrent films files is Although torrents has its search engines (like from where you can download torrent files. The main purpose of ĀµTorrent to use torrent file system is to make a speedy pathway/connection to download films. On ĀµTorrent you will find the zero to hero results of a single movie. You just need to choose one which you want. This app will help download high quality films with sipper fast speed.
This app is free to download from Google play but you can also upgrade to pro version for more features like battery saving. You can download this app from Google play by using below link


Vidmate is also a well-known app being used by millions of people. This app is different from above two apps. The app is mainly built to download films and clicks. This app has such built-in system when you open home of this app you will see latest movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. You will see various links to download a film. These films can be downloaded in parts too. This app is also very fast but the quality of videos present on home page are very low.
Vidmate is a free app and it's not available on Google play you can download it free from below trusted link.


TubeMate is also a best app but is quite different from utorrent. It can not download movies from sites rather than YouTube,Dailymotion and other tubes. In other words you can download the films or movie available on tubes. Supported tubes by TubeMate are
You can download only the movies present on these tubes so video quality depend upon the quality of video on tube. When you click to download a movie multiple options appear for which quality you prefer to download. And when we talk about the speed of TubeMate it is really amazing and more is than utorrent. The maximum speed recorded by us is 8.1 Mb/s that is very fast. It actually uses multiple connection system to download a for that is why its speed is very high.
This app is free to download but is not available on Google play. You can use below trusted link to download TubeMate


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