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17 Tips to Make Website/Blog Fast

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In 2015, having a fast blog is now consider as an Search Engine Optimization. It is also observed that visitors are more likely to stay on a site with less loading time. And with after so many of benefits, many bloggers still ignore these 17 Tips to Make Website/Blog Fast. Sometime just by considering very little tips and tricks we can get a big result. That is why i will suggest you to follow these all below steps. Let us read and implement the 17 tips that i have written for you. I will soon add more new features in it.

17 Tips to Make Website/Blog Fast

  1. Before Publishing images Compress them First.
  2. Avoid including so much links in your post.
  3. Avoid use of third-party HTML widget on your website.
  4. Use online tools to make compress images, like CompressJpeg.
  5. Minify JavaScript and CSS.
  6. Rearrange HTML structured data to make website fast.
  7. Analyze your site with PageSpeed test tools and consider to make changes to make it fast.We mean Analyze with PageSpeed Insights. Try them now click here. You need to simply enter your website homepage link and then in return you will get details, score and suggestions to make your website faster. Just by following these suggestion you can get your score above than 95 that is great at all.
  8. Avoid to make your website fish market of advertisements.
  9. Keep an eye on your page speed using tools like By this you can get the answers of which elements making our website slow.
  10. Prefer premium templates/themes rather than using low quality Free templates. If you do not afford premium templates than go to and get free templates for Wordpress and as well as Blogger. You will also get premium plugins there for free to download. This site is recommended by thousand of bloggers.
  11. Rather than of using images as button prefer to make CSS3 download buttons.
  12. Avoid using large size images as background of your website. We will prefer colors and small size images.
  14. Use Lazy Load image script to make website fastest.
  15. Try to avoid use of comment plugins like Facebook Comment plugin or Google+ comment plugin.
  16. Implement delivery network (CDN).
  17. Use cache plugins like W3 Total Cache.
  18. Use best hosting.
These are our proven 17 Tips to Make Website/Blog Fast. InshAllah after following these tips you will see a better change in your blog load time. And after my study on it revealed that loading time of a page is directly involved to increase Alexa Rank of a website.

We concluded that there is loss if we do not decrease load time of our website and there is a large benefit if we make our website faster. Try to make your site load under 2 seconds.

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