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[Recommended] Advertising Programs for Pakistani Bloggers

Everyone want to get fruit of there hard work and the fruit that Pakistani Bloggers want is there earning that they get through advertising networks. Choosing an advertising network is easy but if you are from Pakistan than it is quite difficult. Because many of advertising program like offer payout through PayPal. And PayPal is blocked in Pakistan So, we need another money Transfer that is Western Union. After Pakistan Government allowed Western Union in Pakistan it is become beneficial for each Pakistani as well as Pakistani Bloggers to send and receive money. That is why considering this point as main and many other points i have gathered some advertising networks here. You will find ease while using them that is why they are [Recommended] Advertising Programs for Pakistani Bloggers. And of Western Union than simply go to and get your account for free.
I will advice you to try each network and use you wish. All of these networks are arranged on their properties as Best Programs at top and Good at end.

01. Adsense

World best known advertising company powered by Google is Adsense. They have high CPC, CPM and much more. Some time people earn 10$ or more than it on just one click through it. This is an awesome network.
We can not calculate there actual CPC but it is proved by many bloggers that Adsense give more money than any advertising network yet and it is true.
If your blog is powered through Blogger Platform than simple go to earning section and than click on Sign up For Adsense and submit your application. Now wait for you application to be reviewed and approved. If your blog is able for Adsense and following Adsense Terms of Services than it will be approved otherwise you need to maintain and resubmit your application. The main things you need to do before applying for Adsense are
  • Your blog should have a TLD domain.
  • Never copy Paste Article.
  • Do not publish Adult contents..
  • Make Privacy Policy, Sitemap, Contact Us, and other important pages for your blog and make them public to provide quick navigation.
  • Do not Publish articles on Drugs.
  • Each article you publish should be greater than 300 words.
  • Your blog is well managed and receiving significant number of Visitors.
There are many things you should consider before applying for Adsense and here i have written only main and important requirements.
It is very difficult to be approved by Adsense yet not impossible. I have still not approved Adsense and the main reason behind it is because that i can not afford a TLD domain and Adsense is now not approving any more blogger sites without TLD domain. But i also know those sites that do not have TLD domain but Adsense and i am in struggle to become like those sites.
So, now it is your turn to make your blog able to be approved through Adsense. You can signup through Adsense by going to Try Now!
They will payout you trough Check, PayPal, Western Union and much more that i have not experienced yet.

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02. Infolinks

Infolinks is a smart advertising company that consist of millions of publishers and wide ranger of bloggers are also there. Infolinks is serving ads from more years. The one thing i love is there way of powering ads. They power InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText type of ads and according to my search InTag ads are considered as revenue booster. They can help you to earn more than you estimate.
You can signup on Infolinks now to start earning. Just click below:
Image result for Signup
Click to Sign up for Infolinks
After sign up your site will be accepted for ads soon. Afterwards you have to implement a single java script code and afterwards you can enjoy there service. You can change the presence of any ad or its size, color  and style directly from your Infolinks dashboard without changing the codes.
You will also mailed a summary of weekly or monthly reports if you wish. There are large benefits to sign Up with them.
They offer payouts through all possible ways yet like Payza, PayPal, Western Union and much more.
They have recently announced a referral program from you can earn commission on each referral and i also participated in it. My referral link is Link To Sign Up and if you register through this link you have 80% more chances to get approved and it is true. If you got disapproved than do not worry i have trick for you that is still working. Just read How To Resubmit Website To Infolinks

Final Words

That was our article and these were [Recommended] Advertising Programs for Pakistani Bloggers by me. I have still found these as trusted and working if you know another network than please suggest it below. I will really appreciate you and i am also in the search of more programs. InshAllah i will soon add new advertising networks here.

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