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[How To] Earn 358$ on each refer by Shopify Affiliate Program?
I was not going to give a review because i haven't used there service yet but i am giving an opinion and a way to earn 358$ on every sale. That is better than any referrer system. 
I am a person that helps users not to make them in more confusion and that is why i will also start today from What is Shopify? instead of directly telling about affiliate program of Shopify because better you know about website better you can earn through it. If you know about Shopify website than you can continue above first paragraph. Today we will learn...
  • What is Shopify?
  • [How To] Earn 358$ on each refer by Shopify Affiliate Program?
Let me allow to explain each step briefly.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a company founded in 2004. It is present in Canada. It develops software(s) for websites, Shopify can help you create an online store easily. It is founded by three Canadians who were going to build a store and the got idea to build this site.
We can say Shopify as a software that can create a store for you free and fast without errors or expensive to hire someone. They can create you a beautiful and fully flexible store easily. With all requirements a store should have. Somethings i really love in its features that your store will be able to
  • Accept all type of Credit Cards
  • Have a SSL certificate
And and the stunning features are, you can
  • Change you store design in any way
  • Upload products easily
  • View incoming orders and the completed transactions
Shopify is not just easy to create a store moreover you can manage it easily too.
To check full list of features visit here.
On signup they will give you 14 days free trail so you can test there service. They offer highly reliable eCommerce hosting with free SSL certificate and PCI compliancy. Than which things remains go and signup fast if you want to build your shop online and or if you want to work as there affiliate than continue this post...

Shopify Affiliate Program

You must know clearly about affiliate programs if you do not know any thing about affiliate program and affiliate marketing then read [How To] Do Affiliate Marketing?
Shopify offer best affiliate program. In which you have to make refer through the link given to you when you sign up there as an affiliate and one thing i wonder that they offer a huge money.
There are two ways to earn through Shopify affiliate program
1. 200% Sale means Get 358$ on each purchase refered by you.
2. 20% of each bill means you will get 20% of there each Shopify bill including transcation fees.

You have to choose any of the above to options while signing up. You have to became wise when you are choosing one of these options if you want earn more.
You can signup for affiliate program by going here.
There signup process is quite easy and fast. You need a forum and you will soon get approved. They offer payment only through PayPal. So you need a payment before going for it.

Now i will teach you the posiible ways to earn more than you think

If you are a blogger than you have to add there ads to your blog. Make possible that your blog has a related niche. Write post, reviews and comment on Shopify. This will attract those searching to use or do not use Shopify. In this way they came to your site and get a good review and also a link to signup there and as a result you will get hundreds of $s.

If you are an active person on social media(s) than try to join communities related to commerce. Post link there and get referrals.

Join forums and communities related to earning or blogging or website developing and post there and earn more.

Final Words

I am busy in my exams that is why i have written very short article. I will soon extend it to make it good. Join our Newsletter and get each affiliate marketing content directly in your Mailbox. Or you can check all articles on affiliate marketing here. If you have questions popping in your mind please drop them in comment box and i will reply as soon as possible.

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