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2 ways You Can Earn money by Creating Videos?

You can make hundreds of dollars by just by creating videos. You may consider it is a joke but it is true that we can earn near about 2$ on just one thousand views from a single video. If your video receive 10 thousand views than you can earn 20$ that is awesome for beginners. Yes, more than it too.

Creating videos mean not being a professional video maker. You can still make dollars if you can make people laugh or can give them life lessons from your videos. Your videos may be humorous or may be serious. Just the thing we need is likes if you present your videos on Facebook or views if you present your videos on video sites like Youtube, Dailymotion etc. These likes or views are of significant figures like greater than 500 on each video. In other means you need to built audience and if you are capable to make audience than you are capable to earn living from creating videos.

2 ways You Can Make money by Creating Videos?

There are two methods to earn money by making videos:
  1. Using YouTube Channel
  2. Using Your own Blog
  • I will Add more methods Soon.
As my post is about 2 ways You Can Earn money by Creating Videos? So, in this post i will touch each of the these methods just to clarify your concept about them. If you seriously want to earn your living through crating videos then search this blog and you will find each article briefly.

01. Make Money by a Creating Videos for a YouTube Channel

This is very easy as you do not have to invest a single dollar. Now follow my steps to start Making Money by a Creating Videos for a YouTube Channel.
  • Make a Facebook page and a Google account. If you have already any one of these than use it. Now go to and make your YouTube channel on it.
  • Give a name to your videos. You can also use your name too. If you use your own name than you not need to design a logo otherwise design a logo for your videos. Use this logo/your picture both as your Facebook and YouTube channel.
  • Before creating a video make your mind ready. Use a better camera for it. Use well educated characters in your video. After capturing video copy it to your computer. Edit your video using any video editing software and add your YouTube Channel link as well Facebook page link at end.
  • Now upload all your video to YouTube.
  • Copy your YouTube video link and share it to Facebook. Now spread your video as you can.
 Make minimum 5 videos using above ways and publish them as teach above.
  • Now go to Monetization Tab of our YouTube channel.
  • Click Enable This Account.
  • Follow all the on-screen steps and YouTube monetization agreement.
  • After wards you will receive an email in one or two days that will guide you each and every thing that you can do next.
We have done everything if your account got approved. If it is disapproved you can use second method that is explained below. You will now start earning when you receive views. The number of dollars you can earn depend upon many factors. Each and every factor and every step briefly will be discussed in next post.

02. Make Money by Publishing Videos on your Blog

It is very very easy to create a blog. Read this post of How to make and Manage a Blog for FREE with any knowledge of coding? . In this post i have explained each and evey way to make a FREE blog moreover i have also explained how to manage a blog.

After you have a blog with a perfect design and is ready to publish your videos. Go to above heading of method 01. Make Money by a Creating Videos for a YouTube Channel and follow it till end. If you got disapproved than you can use Dailymotion whose method i will discuss soon.

Now after making your blog and then publishing your videos on your YouTube channel go to any of your video of YouTube. Play it. There you find the option of embed and click on it to make the required embed code. Copy whole code and come back to your blog. Click on new post and define all things as you are going to publish that video. Now toggle to Html option and place embed code there. Now click on finish.
Your video is now on your blog. Choose from recommended advertising programs or any of advertising programs that fit you and your blog. Implement it to your blog and start earning both from the views you got to your blog and to your YouTube channel video.

Final Words

That was my today article for you and if you are a beginner than i recommend you the first way and when you got a big audience than also travel to second way. That was my article about 2 ways You Can Earn money by Creating Videos? if you have still any errors than express them in comments box or wait for my other two posts in which i will explain each way for YOU.

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