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Tips to Keep in Mind while Writing a Blog Post

Are you doing best in writing a blog? But not enjoying any audience. You have done the best to write content in quality and quantity, I think every blogger does that, while some got traffic and some not. The fact about is the former avoids the little mistake that later do. These are not the SEO mistakes but these mistakes may lead your article not to get proper index. Yes it is. Mostly bloggers of do that because they have not so much handy tools which corrects there mistakes. Do not worry if you are on BlogSpot I am here to tell you all things you have to use and the things to avoid while writing a blog post. Now let’s start...At the end of the post I have also told the method I use to write.

Heading – The Thing at Glance

  •  You must use heading and sub headings in blogger and <h1> and <h2> for Wordpress respectively. By the help of headings/subheadings both visitors and search engines have ease to navigate with in your posts. 
  • First heading in blogger let know what topic contains but in to write, consider only 77 characters for heading including spaces. Yes it is, Google prefer the post first having only 77 characters or less than it and consider it as natural post. This thing is very important for bloggers but in Wordpress there is the plugin know as SEO by Yoast that give these heading guidelines.
  • Your Paragraphs headings do not contain links. If your paragraph headings contain link than it become difficult for spiders/crawlers to crawl for heading and understand what your post contains.
  • Each word in heading start with an uppercase letter while do not use uppercase letters for conjunctions (a, the, at etc).
  •  If your post heading is quite small than you need to put” –“and than your blog name. For example my blog name is “Tricks For Tips” than my heading will be “My Heading Words – Tricks For Tips”. Do not put any space among blog name characters. And if your blog name is quite big than skip this step it is just for better SER. (SER means Search Engine Ranking’s)
  • For example this post has heading “Tips to Keep in Mind while Writing a Blog Post”. You can check this heading for any above points, it fits or not and let me now in comments.

Link of Your Post

It is the thing that is to be done after writing your heading. users instead of automated link choose for custom and in that remove words like “a, the, in, at, that etc”. Also try link to have a keyword related to your post. For Wordpress users it is better to have a plugin named SEO by Yoast or if you do not want to install that then remove words like “a, the, in, at, that etc” from the link and follow above guidelines.
First Paragraph – The Post Introduction

If you are running a tech blog than your first paragraph contains the information for which tutorial are you teaching today or which concept are you clearing in this topic. It is not necessary for other category bloggers.
Inject some humor in first topic that will decrease your bounce rate. Or I suggest to use a picture contains humor rather than humor in text. There are many galleries to find pictures that I will not discuss here. Try to put long tail keyword in your post text rather than single word keywords. (If you want to know more about long tail keywords than search for it on my blog)
(If required) Give cautions and requirements in this paragraph, because this paragraph is best place to aware reader.
Pictures in between text

I prefer featured image if you are on Wordpress but if you are on BlogSpot than try to put relevant image next to first paragraph (it is the great place). Do not try to copy any one images rather choose images from thousand of galleries. Do not put any image having link of another blog or watermark of another blog on it. While try to have a sign/watermark of your own blog on it.
Middle Paragraph – The Main Content

Your middle paragraph has to consist of your most ranking keywords, your main thing you want to describe in your topic. If a word appear in your post that is related to your previous post than make it the link of previous post. Make heading of your paragraph “Process - The Name of Post” if you are writing a tutorial, it will power your post up.
(If required) Do not write conclusion in this paragraph rather choose Final Paragraph for it. If you have not so much time than make the word conclusion bold and then write the results of that post next to conclusion word.
Last Paragraph – Final Touch

In this paragraph write the last things. This paragraph must not contain any tutorial. If you have practice with that post you teach I mean if that was the tutorial, and you have performed it than write little about your experiment. It will make sense for you as a pro blogger and also try visitors to come back because they think you just not a writer also a practical blogger. In the last of paragraph write that “Dear readers if you have any problem then I am here to help you please share it with Me.” or something like that to encourage visitors to comment.
How I write...

I do not use blogger/Wordpress write pad as my platform to write rather I have Microsoft Office 2013 installed in my computer. I open Microsoft Office Word Document and start writing without care of text formatting (bold, italic, underline and headings etc). You are thinking the difference between Microsoft Office 2013 and blogger’s type pad? Yes the difference is when I finish writing I click on review and then select ABC spelling & Grammar that helps me in checking my grammar and spelling mistakes without any cost. After that I copy the article paste it on blogger write pad and there I do formatting and then SEO formatting and check my article for all other things I describe above and then publish it.

I am adding another line that I have receive comments from bloggers that which is the best place to put advertisement in post than I will suggest them to put it above your post text. It is because you will take a view if visitor he/she does not read until end. And the thing to keep in mind that does not make your readers bad feels due to burden of advertisements and also I do not suggest the use of adverts.

Now I am going to follow what I write but I will not wait for your fresh comments that are the feed of my blog and make it healthy. So, waiting for your shares and comments, Love you :-) .

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