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Make Computer Fast in 10 minutes | Disk Defragmentation

Hello TricksForTips user today we are going to learn how to boost your computer speed in 10 minutes using disk defragmentation. I will tell this tutorial in the form of questions and answers so that it release burden on your mind. Today we will learn

  • What is Disk Defragmenter?

  • Why is Disk Defragmentation necessary?

  • How to make computer fast through Disk Defragmentation?

So now let us start...

What is Disk Defragmenter?

Disk Defragmenter is a built-in tool in every windows version. It automatically collects all clustered data in your hard drive to one place.

It means we do not needed to download any type of software just you need windows not Mac in your computer.

Why is Disk Defragmentation Necessary?

When windows start all of our files that are clustered here and there first comes in operating system and then your RAM operates it. So if files are clustered than a torch light moves when we click on any hard drive. This also makes our computer slow.
How it is good that if all of our files are arranged at one place and when we click a hard drive/folder to open it fast. So disk defragment is necessary if you have not done it for a log time. Let us do it...

How to make computer fast through disk Defragmentation?

Now I will teach you how to disk defragmentation. Click on Start > Control Panel and then “Switch to Classic View” as shown below

Now click on “Administrative Tools” and then click on “Computer Management”. A dialog Box appears just like below in which choose for “Disk Defragment

Now you have the main Disk Defragmenter Window here as show below

First of all choose the disks from above and then click on the “Analyze” button that is label with #2 in image. After analyzing a report appears indicating that “You should defragment this drive” or “You need not to defragment this drive”. If it says former message than click on defragment button that is labeled with #4 otherwise analyze another disk to repeat these steps till this step.
It starts defragmentation of our device. If you got an error message like “There is not so much space or your disk is full etc” when you click defragment button than free up some space by deleting old files in that drive.
That is how disk defragmentation done. I tried my best to explain this article. Still if you face any problem then please write that in comments. And also respect my 1 hour work, so please share it on any social media you wish.

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