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3 Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Download Manager IDM

Are you become angry when your Internet Download Manager takes more than usual time to download a light file. It is not to become angry because you are the reader of TricksForTips so, here i am to to teach you of how to increase your internet speed. This is very simple and you not need any software to increase IDM speed. First i will tell you which Tips we are going to learn:
  • Changing Connection settings to increase speed.
  • Best option for speed limiter.
  • Closing other programs that rely on Network to enhance speed.
It is more easy then it seems. So do not worry and let's start.

Increase internet download manager speed

Tip #1 to increase IDM speed

In this tip we will change default connection to Maximum Connection (LAN 10mbps) to increase internet speed. More we also tell IDM to download file in maximum number of parts to make it faster. So for doing this:
  • Open your IDM and click on Downloads and in pop down choose Options.
  • Now a new window appears in this choose for Connection Tab.
  • In the options of Connection Type/Speed choose LAN 10Mbps.
  • Below this there is the option of Max. Connection number choose 8 for this. We will not choose 16 because some sites servers are not so much fast and they drop connection so 8 is best. you can also use 16 if you wish.
Now click on Ok and it is a time to read Tip #2.

Tip #2 to increase Internet Download Manager Speed

Speed limiter is the option that is built-in in every version of Internet Download Manager.  It helps users to maximize or minimize speed to a limit. You can go to speed limiter settings through by right click on Tray icon of internet download Manager then speed limiter and there are three more options available 

  1. Turn on
  2. Turn off
  3. Settings

Choose Turn off if it is Turned on. You are thinking why we have done it than please consider if we choose option 2 and in settings we have chooses a large number Kbps than i know it is not possible but your IDM make settings and will not take advantage of your full speed and other programs that are using network bandwidth may cause affect on IDM and your speed will go down. While when we choose option 1 than it will speedup your download and take your full speed.

Tip #3 to increase Internet Download Manager

Close all other programs that are using your network bandwidth. You are thinking which programs are causing this? then use task manager. Task manager can be opened by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete at once. Now investigate Networking Tab and you are not so much dumb to investigate it. You can also investigate Process Tab to End Process using Network Service but do not close and service until you know its function.

I think your IDM is fully ready to maximize its speed Thanks for reading this article. Subscribe to our email letter and get all TricksForTips rightly in your mail box for FREE.

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