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How To Check a PTC Website is Scam or Legit?

PTC means paid to click, a website that offers you money on every click you do on their website advertisement. This program is very useful but a lot of risky and time wasting if you gone in to the hands of a scam site. There is thousands of website that are PTC websites. They offer a big amount on every click but the problem is How To Check a PTC Website is Scam or Legit?. Don't worry you are the reader of Tricks For Tips and i am going to give you the sense to judge a PTC website easily. Let us start...

Forum - Best way to judge a PTC website 

A forum is Question and Answers website where people can ask what they wish. This is the power of original websites. Let me allow explaining it
Consider a website that allows you to earn through clicks. They also offer a forum for its visitors. It means they encourage visitors to share their reviews about their website and on other hand if this is a scam website than they have fear of bad review they will not want a forum on their website. So if a website has forum than it has pass 30.4% of our test. Also consider a facebook page similar to forum because people can give reviews on facebook page too. So check it out.

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Payment Proof 

A payment proof is a screenshot or some thing that proves withdrawn has been done to someone's through a website. If you are thinking for how i will got a payment proof of a website i am going to judge then it is simple. Consider we want to judge a website named as Clixsense then i will simply search "Clixsense Payment Proof" on Google Images. And the results I will got are here. Here i have presented one proof that looks real

And this second thing a legit website needs if a website has payment proof than it has passed 60.7% of our test including Forum scores.


In this topic i have given you of How To Check a PTC Website is Scam or Legit? i have not judge a PTC website in this topic. If i judge a website in this topic and give you reasons on it than it will called a review. A review may be positive or negative. A lot of blogs are just made for reviews on different PTC websites. Consider we need a review on PTCBank website than we search Google Search as "PTC Bank review" and i will found a lot number of negative reveiws. Means this website is scam. So is your website got a good reveiw than it is 100% legit and now you are ready To Check a PTC Website is Scam or Legit?


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