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Guide: To Receive Adsense Income Through Western Union

Western Union – Fast, Secure and Reliable way to Receive Adsense Income at Home
Today I am going to discuss the A to Z guide of receiving money through Western Union in every country including Pakistan. It is one of the best money transfers I ever have found. Let us read the guide in the form of question and answers to satisfy your mind.

Why Western Union?

Western Union Quick Cash also known as WU is the best money transfer to receive your adsense earnings at home. I am saying it best because it complies with all requirements a best money transfer company should have. You need not to pay any charge on the money you receive because Google pay it itself, and by this you will receive your 100% money. And I am giving you additional info of that you need not to wait a long for receiving your money just it arrive on the next day of issue.

Is Western Union available in my Country? 

It is nearly available in all countries including Pakistan. They have 225000 locations Worldwide to send and receive money. So, what are you waiting for? Because PayPal is not available in Pakistan so take benefit of this and enjoy Western Union.

How to Get Western Union Account? 

There is no difficult process to sign up for Western Union Just go to and sign up there by using your correct details.

How To Setup Western Union To Receive Adsense Earnings? 

First of all sign in to your Adsense account and then click the gear icon and then select Payments. Now you need to select the western Union Radio Button. Now input your delivery name to there and also check that it matches with your government-issued ID card (necessary when you go to pick up payments). Now click on save changes.

How Longer It Take To Receive Adsense Earnings at Home? 

It takes no time. When your earning become 100$ than you can withdraw it. You can pickup your earnings on the next day of issue. 100$ is limit by adsense not by Western Union, Through Western Union You can send and receive 1$ too.

How to Pickup Adsense Earnings through Western Union? 

First of all visit and find for the agent near your area. Pakistan has partnership with Western Union so you can also go to your nearby GPO/post office but agent is recommended.  After that calls him and asks that they offer the Quick Cash service and they hold your earning. Now go to his office and bring with you
  • A valid government issued photo ID card or a driver’s license etc.
  • Sender’s information that is on your “Payments” Page
  • Amount of earning that can be located on your “Payment History” Page
  • And your MTCN number that is also called as “Money Transfer Control Number” which is also located on “Payment History” page.
Ask for your money and provide all the details they want but not your password. And in some countries they ask for additional details so take all above mention objects with you. Now enjoy your earnings with this great Money Transfer recommend by



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