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Google tracking Your Every Motion on Internet...

Is Google Tracking Our Every Motion On Internet?

If you are searching for the answer of “Is Google Tracking Our Every Motion on Internet?” then you are at right place and without wasting your time I will tell you the big secret answer that is “Yes, Google is tracking our Every Motion on internet”. Here I am using the word internet not just on Goggle. It means on every site we are, we are being tracked by Google.
Now the answer of that question ends and the main process “How i am being tracked by Google on Internet?” begins.

How Google tracks us On Internet?

First I will tell you that Google do not know us instead of we are known by unique identity of our computer know as IP (internet protocol) address. Google tracks us by two ways directly and indirectly.

How Google Tracks us directly? : Directly, user tracking of Google is done when we uses Google services like Gmail, Google apps, Google search, Google Drive etc. These are the sites/apps by which Google directly track us. These are the apps for you and local persons and that is the way of Google to track us directly.

How Google Tracks Us Indirectly? : Google offer a lot of services for web developers and one of these services is Google Analytics. Google use this to track us indirectly. Do not worry I will tell you a little about Google Analytics below:

Google Analytics is service by Google Inc. in which any person can signup and after adding his site he/she has given a code which he implement in his/her site just to track all the visitors on his site. This helps administrator of site to check the choice of his visitors.

And for our (web developers) convenience we implement Google Analytics on our site and Google takes benefit of that.
Another thing I am going to tell you that is, Google tracks us through advertisements. You know Google Adsense (an advertising company of Google) power ads on millions of websites.
And I think now Google know us better than any one because we search our every problem on Google. Am I right?
Now I you are ready to give any person the correct answer who asks this “How I am being tracked by Google on Internet?” question. Now i will tell you "Why Google Tracks us?" so you are able to claim what all you know in deep about this article.

Why Google Tracks Us?

You are thinking that also. Then make your mind clear, Google do not sell your info to anyone yet it just uses it to provide us the better search results. By this tracking they came to know what you like and that is all I know. Some experts are not agree with me that consider something else may be running in your mind.

How to Hide Ourselves from Google?

Now it is a time to tell you how to hide your self from Google. Then first of all you need to hide your name and your name is the IP address of your computer that you will have to hide by using any add-on for your browser. For this go to your browser add-ons option and there check for the "Zenmate" or go at Now install this add-on and surf safe and secure with no tension.
If you are on java phones than search for the proxy of any country you wish. Just place it in gateway in network settings of your java phone.
After reading that article do not try to make this information as a secret while share it on every social media to raise awareness because

Sharing post is better than donating blog. – M. Ammar Ashfaq Malghani
This post is based on true and is just for information we do not want to harm any individual, organization or company.

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