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Earn 10$ Daily From Your Blog - Bidvertiser Tip

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Every blogger works hard on its blog day and night for helping others. And in reward when he got his adsense disapproved than he become very sad and disappointed. Because he has in his mind that there is not any other advertising program to earn more than adsense. But his/her thinks are wrong. They are aware of adsense best alternatives but not aware of how to use to earn more than adsense users.
Today i am discussing about the best  way to earn money by the help of Bidvertiser .


It is a best and old PPC ( pay per click) program since 2003 by Bpath; Ltd. It is now second advertising program in world and is recommended by me for both advertisers and publishers. It has many features like
  • Instant approved no need to wait.
  • Payout as low as just 10$ and that is why it is best for small bloggers.
  • Referal program
  • Full control to ads.
  • Best advertising program for Pakistani and Indian Bloggers.
  • Full Reports.
  • Different Bids as near as 5 dollor and as 0.05$
  • Relavent ads to attract visitors.
  • Most Asian use it that do not have authority to use paypal  because it can used to payout throught Check,Western Union,Wire transfer.and more. 
  • And Much More features that i do not have time to explain.

Why not liked by some peoples?

Bidvertiser after having so much features is disliked by peoples. Some people reject  Bidvertiser because it show pop under ads but as I have said above that they do not have so much knowlegdge to simply stop pop under ads.
Read to stop pop under ads below
  • First click on "site preferences" whow you want to stop pop under ads.
  • Now click on "NO" , next to "Show Pop under ads Option"
You have done it and it is very simple and i think it should not be the reason to stop using Bidvertiser .
Now come to topic !  Tip starts below.
We are dealing of tip of Bidvertiser before that i think it that you registered on Bidvertiser if not than sign up Here
  • Now after registering go to  Managmenet  and click on  Add new Bidvertiser.
  • Fill up all details and click on create.
Note : If you have already using Bidvertiser and searching for Bidvertiser tip to earn more than ignore above steps and simply go to site preferences
  • In site preferences choose only ebay ads and stop showing any other ads by choosing no option next to them.
Congratulations Now the each ad that will be clicked by visitor will minimum pay you 0.5$ and maximum up to or more than 1.75$ that is more earning than adsense.


  1. does it really work ? email me at

  2. Great ad network features but in my point of view i dont think that is like Revenuehits .by the way Revenuehits is a new amazing ad network for publishers if you need any info about it you can read Revenuehits review.
    Best regard

  3. Are you trying to make cash from your visitors by popup ads?
    If so, did you take a look at Ero-Advertising?


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