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3 Ways To Protect Your Blogger Images in Posts

Welcome to TricksForTips, in previous post i have told the 4 Ways to Protect Your Blogger Post From Copy Pasting and now is the time to protect your pictures.
It is rightly said that A single Picture Says Thousand Of Words. And all of you know that we can write thousands of words but they will be of no use because visitors become angry that we do not have any use of photography.
Every blogger work best to use beautiful pictures in its post. He capture it self or may have found it from any gallery but any way finding a best picture needs hard work till if you make itself.

As i have told some newbie bloggers want to become successful in no time. Some time they search for content and some time for pictures to copy them. They do not stop themselves and we need to have to stop them. Now the question arises how to stop them.
Today i am going to tell you the two ways to protect your blogger post images. When i will find more ways i will update them.

Method #1 : Disable Right Click on Images.

Mostly people copy images using right click on images. When they right click a popup menu appear like this below shown
 And when that copier Click on Save Image As... it will download your photo very easily. So now let us block that right click on images and discourage copiers to download your blog photos.
  • Go to Edit Html in Templates section of your blogger dashboard
  • A sort of codes appear in it search for </head> tag
  • Place whole code below given after this </head> tag

<script type="text/javascript">
/* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Disable context menu on images by M.Ammar Ashfaq Malghani aaaat
Version 1.0
You are free to copy and share this code but please do not remove this credit notice.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ */
    function nocontext(e) {
        var clickedTag = (e==null) ? event.srcElement.tagName :;
        if (clickedTag == "IMG") {
            return false;
    var alertMsg = "Copyright Protected by TricksForTips.Blogspot.Com";
    document.oncontextmenu = nocontext;
  • Click on save template.
  • You have successfully done it. 
If you have great SEO of images than i also recommend you to use both Method #2 along with Method #1. It will be great.

Method #2Use Watermark On Images

Watermark First to tell you what is watermark? 
Watermark is an identification logo of your company.
According to Wikipedia
A watermark is an identifying image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades.
For example
i have taken that example from my previous post 
 i think you are now successfully aware of watermark. Now to tell you how to apply this trick
When you search a pic on internet and find it best for your subject and then copy it (make sure it is allowed to copy that picture). Now open it with paint and put a watermark or some symptoms or logo of your website/company. Make sure that this logo can be seen and read easily so that people can reach to your blog. Now upload it to your required place and the main benefit of that it is that it become copyrighted and is now the property of your blog.

Now you think that it is not good because people do not stop copying that picture and it will not work NO it work. Now when first some one copy that picture than this picture will become a powerful backlink for you. And also second that when google index your images in to its images search and there will be a logo on your picture and the people (Copier) will not copy it and second kind of people (visitors) came to your blog.

So now in this way you can protect your images. I think i have described it in difficult form while it is not so much difficult.

Final Touch

I think i have described all the terms and not remained any thing but if you have any update or question let me know in comments.
Thanks For Your Kind Visit.

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