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2 ways to Fix 500 Internal Server Error In

My today's article consist of Three Topics
  • What is 500 internal Server Errror.
  • When It Occurs -  To identify that  you are on straight way
  • How To Solve It in Wordpress ? - 2 ways to solve this problem

What Is 500 Internal Server Error ?

If you are new in (self hosted) than you may have face 500 Internal Server Error which is actually made to stop spam. It is made by .htaccess file that is provided or is present in your server. In this .htaccess file a limit of execution time is give to the all php files and if this execution time is passed than this error occurs. It is only in self hosted sites like wordpress.

When It 500 Internal Server Error Occurs ?

It occurs mostly when you are installing some things like uploading themes, plugins or updating any plugin  theme etc. It some times occur when you are logging in to your wp-admin.
It is mainly due to less php execution time in config file or .htaccess  having information about your php script having very less execution time.Normally the problem is in .htaccess file. So it can be solved by
  • Recommended : Using Plugin to edit .htaccesss file automatically and increase execution time up to 5 minutes.
  • Manually by increasing less php execution time by editing confiq file
Here i will teach you all methods stated above.

Why To Fix 500 Internal Server Error In ?

One day when i was going to update my wordpress version and aat that time i was aware of internal server error but have not fixed it and then i got internal server error. I think to go back i turned back to my wordpresss dashboard that and a got a new problem that is Your server is in maintenance try back later then i wait await and wait but it does not solve automatically i told my teacher about this and then i am shocked to get that answer my wordpress is crashed and there is not any method it to get it back. So if you have not solved wordpress 500 internal server error than it is a time to fix it otherwise you will sooner or later in be a great problem. 

How to Fix Internal Server Error In Wordpress.Org

 Method #1 . Increasing Maximum  time by Wordpress WP Maximum Execution Time Exceeded

This is the great plugin and is in my list of using plugins. It is developed by  Johnnie  who have performed this great task. It automatically edit and configure your .htaccess file and increase your maximum execution time up to 5 minutes. Here is some statistics and requirements of this plugin 
  • Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 4.0.5
  • Last Updated: 2014-9-10
  • Active Installs: 1,000+ (Till June 2015)
How it works : First of all you need to have to download this plugin. You can search it in your dashboard > plugins > search or download it directly from below button or download it from official page here

Download v 1.1

Solve 500 internal server error

File Size: 4kb

This is a simple type of plugin when you download it by any means i provided above and then install and then activate it you have automatically solve your problem. Now you will not get any internal server error. If you want to delete it then simply because there is not any administrator page.

It is recommend that you must have to make a backup of WordPress before installing this plugin.

Method #2 . Manually edit Config.php file to increase PHP script execution time

This is not the usual problem so first you have to try method no. 1 if problem persist than try this method.
It is very simple but hard looking process. There are countless solution to increase php memory limit but i am telling you the best easy method here it is..
  1. First Open Your wp-config.php file that is mostly located in root WordPress directory.
  2. Now copy below code and paste it inside the main php tag
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');
The process done save your file. We have just increased your memory limit to 64m. I have suggested that you use Method #1 because some people likely use to change php.ini file but it is bit difficult so use any  method you like.

Final Words

As i say there are many ways to solve this problem if you have better one than this than what are you waiting for let me know in comments.

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